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Electrical Appliances activities

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Electrical Appliances
Demonstration Activities

Powerpoint presentations collection of electricity information


Explanation of electrical appliances conductors and electricity


Electromagnet not a brilliant resource but the only one so far on this particular topic


Animation explaining how an electric motor inside a fan works


Animations explaining what happens inside a flashlight and how batteries produce light


How an Electric Bell works animation showing use of electromagnetism and circuit created and broken


Click 'Labels on/off' button to see the various components of a torch


Energy Used by Electrical Appliances estimate how much electricity your house uses each day


Electricity in Your Home switch on a variety of appliances and read the meter then wire a plug

Practice Activities
Objects Which Use Electricity move the probe over the objects which you think use electricity

'Electricity in the Home Button' drag 7 items which run on electricity into the scanner and then choose whether they use mains electricity battery or both


Click 'Label Activity' button drag the torch labels to the correct places on the diagram


Using Electricity Part 1 identify electrical items in a kitchen


Using Electricity Part 2 place into the rooms the specific electrical items


Using Electricity Part 3 sort items which uses battery and mains electricity


Sorting Electrical and Non-Electrical Items a single drag and drop activity


Which Things Use Electricity? sort items which use electricity and which don't


Electricity can be dangerous in the home spot 15 dangers in the picture


Electricity can be dangerous outdoors spot 10 dangers in the picture

Extension Activities

New School an activity in which you make decisions as to which materials you use to build the school keeping within the financial budget given


Energy Wasters using your detective skills track down where energy is being wasted and make decisions on how to reduce energy usage


Electricity Wordsearch click the 'Show Words' button to see the words you have to find

Testing Activities

Electricity Quiz to test a learner's understanding of electricity


Energy at Home watch the animation and answer the questions asked


No Energy watch the animation and answer the questions asked


Spot the Danger can you find the 11 dangers and Fix Them


Wasting Energy watch the animation and answer the question asked


What is Energy? watch the animation and answer the questions asked


Where Does Energy Come From? watch the animation on Electricity Gas Battery and answer questions

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